Our Meetings

Sundays 10am

The morning service starts at 10am. We have children services available for all ages from newborn to high school. We love our kids and love to help them grow into mighty men and women of God. We teach them the fundamentals of being a believer in Christ. These fundamentals come from a centered place of firmly knowing who you are spiritually and what that means in this earthly life. Children need to know Gods love and who God has called them to be. They need to know their position in Gods kingdom.  The kids have so much fun and are always full of Gods joy when they leave their classes.

Sunday are focused on our large family gathering. We worship God with music lead by our different worship teams. We hear from the word of God and teachings about it from different people from our congregation.


Wednesdays 7pm

Wednesday nights start at 7pm.  They will always keep you on your toes and wanting more of God. The structure is constantly changing but always keeping the main core fundamentals, maximum Holy Spirit flow. What that means is we are completely open for the Holy Spirit to do what he wants.

We have a time of worship , prayer (mostly at the end of service), and begin with hearing some teaching from the bible. These nights are open to allow the Holy Spirit to heal and free your mind, body, and soul. We are always in need of more of God and less or ourselves. Come to out service and receive what you have been looking for. The infilling of Gods life in will cause you to never be the same and be free from the death that this world has to offer.

We welcome you to join us at any of our meetings. Please let us know if there is any help you need in finding us or getting to us.